Sweat & Soul- Morocco

11th-15th January 2018

This January join us in our Sweat & Soul retreat in sunny Essaouria, Morocco. Start off your new year with a colourful, exciting experience where you will enjoy rebooting and reviving your body. With yoga, movement classes, surfing, nutritious meals, massage and culture all on the menu it promises to be a time to not forget.

Join us in the sunshine to make 2018 a year to remember.




Western science is starting to catch on to the plethora of benefits that are connected to the ancient art of yoga. Improve overall health, ease aches and pains, boost the immune system and deeper sleep, to name a just a few of the healing powers of yoga. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, come and join us at Revitalize to learn more about how to release tension in your body and mind


Bring your best energy for a sweat session with our favourite exercise fanatic. Find new ways to move your body, try new skills and feel the burn. Take part in the different classes to understand how each will benefit your overall health.

Learn, practice, master.


Learn to surf or improve technique with experienced instructors.

The bay of Essaouira is an perfect place for all abilities to grab a board and hit the ocean.

The islands of Mogador filter the swell so only the best surf hits the beaches. No rip currents, no rocks just the purest surf


Sleep well after an energetic day in luxurious rooms boasting comfortable beds in the most tranquil surroundings.

Each room has a tadelakt bathroom and terrace. The villa is both luxurious and traditional with several pools for relaxing in the sunshine. Rejuvenate on one of the sunny terraces whilst watching an incredible sunset with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and sea.

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